What did Queen Clothilde, the first Christian queen of Paris, answer when asked if her grandchildren should get a haircut or die?

‘They should die.’
Queen Clothilde

In the early 500’s, as Paris rose from the ruins of its Roman past into the early Middle Ages and Attila the Hun rampaged across Europe, Clothilde and her husband King Clovis established the Merovingian dynasty. Along with Paris’ patron Saint Genevieve, this royal couple brought official Christianity to the region and started France's monarchy which would last, off and on, for 1,000 years. (Eighteen kings of France, including the two most famous, Louis XIV and XVI, took the royal name Louis which stems from the Latin version of Clovis to validate their hereditary rule.)

Known as the Long Haired Kings, the Merovingians believed their long hair was sacred and a necessary credential for leadership. Supposedly, the men wore it colored red, mohwak style with a long braid in back.

In a power struggle among her children after Clovis died, one of Clothilde's sons took three nephews hostage as they were a threat to his rule.  He sent a message to the old queen asking if he should use a sword or scissors on them. She chose the sword.

Queen Clothilde is now Saint Clothilde and the Catholic church does not acknowledge this or other brutal "legends" about her.

Saint Clothilde is the patron saint against the death of children. [2]

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