Who is “Johnson” and why do they hate the poor people of Paris?

Johnson is the pseudonym for each member of a French anti-commercialization group known as The Collective of Debunkers (or Ones Who Knock Down). Aiming to “debunk advertising, remove it from its pedestal and destroy its prestige”, members illegally tear down and deface as many metro billboards and wall posters as possible in order to fight ‘visual-pollution’ and convince the authorities to limit all advertisements to a maximum 20 x 27 inches.(1)

In doing so, they cost countless taxpayer Euros for clean-up costs. Their success would undoubtedly raise metro ticket prices in order to make up for the lost advertising revenue. It seems that The Collective is made up of clueless Line 10 Sorbonne kids rather than workers paying for their transportation as they come in from the banlieue (suburbs) each workday.

(1) Collectif des déboulonneurs. “Manifest (version anglais du manifeste)” 9/16/2005 http://www.deboulonneurs.org/article348.html